TONS of stuff to show! If you like it, share it, if you don`t… well… don`t.

I`m so excited I finally found a path to follow, that I don`t have much to say about what I`ve been doing the past months.

Basically trying to set a study routine and improve my portfolio little by little. Thing is, I`m gonna go for character design and costumes for film, but still drawing other stuff too.

Mech_study heroi Vehicles_Mechs_tank Crow_man Zombie Knight01process vehicle05 VerticalStudies_01

Thanks for stopping by =]

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I need days to have much more than 24hours!

December 11, 2012 Leave a comment

Goddamn… 2012 was definetly a busy year. So many great things, so many shitty stuff and surprises. But overall, this year brought me a lot of strenght.

Funny thing is that I just can`t decide in which field I must really put all my efford on. Every time I see new techniques and references in: vehicle design, character concepts, environment design, sculpting, traditional painting, etc.. I feel like doing ALL OF IT !! lol

Anyways… here is some stuff that I`ve been doing:

2012-11-01 02.42.21

2012-11-17 19.51.52

2012-11-18 01.39.50

2012-10-24 01.16.55

Hopefully, I`ll post some painting/drawing tutorial once in a while here.

Thanks for visiting =)


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Some oil practice


Seems like I`m going more for the traditional stuff than Photoshop recently. It is fun and relaxing.

I`m also thinking of posting some art-related stuff in here and not only my artwork. Hopefully I`ll keep this blog busy… hopefully.


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More character design

April 13, 2012 Leave a comment


yeah, pushing myself even more on character design… still gotta do more brainstorming and researching on materials, clothing, etc etc.

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Sketchbook series

March 18, 2012 Leave a comment

Hey there!

I got some news: I`m selling this nice sketchbook pages of mine, all framed 5,11 x 7,08 inches.

check the first 3 drawings here

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sketch to relax

For all artists out there, day by day, I`m more sure that our pencils, oils, acrilics, gauches, crayons, clay and Wacom Tablets are our true lovers!

They`re there to make you feel good, to push your limits and learn more. To relax, to distract and to express yourself.

I`m glad I was born an artist.

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Almost finishing the sketchbook… Let`s start a new one!

January 17, 2012 Leave a comment

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