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Awhatup, Hollywood!

These past 2 days in hollywood were just crazy. I already got headache, almost fever and etc…

Where`s the heat!? There`s the sun, but also COLD winds, and I brought just summer clothes, accept for 1 hoodie and 2 jeans.

I`m kinda pissed for not having time to sketch and paint, cause I got to find some place to definetly stay, and quickly! The hostel is not what I expected… it never is, right?

I apologize for my 3rd grade English… Althought I can easely communicate with others here, It still doesn`t feel natural for me to speak. I mean, sometimes I gotta think really hard before I say something. hahaha holy crap.

Anyways, here I am, starting this blog, which I won`t change the name, as advised by a friend(he said like, having a nickname/artistic name is good only if you`re famous enough, or something). I kind of makes some sense, but I can see how it works… I feel like “Quasar” is strong and easy to remember.

Next post comes with some sketching!

see you

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